metal & mining

India is endowed with huge resources of various minerals. Coal, iron and bauxite, three of the most important minerals required for industrial development, are found in abundance in India. In the world, India ranks 3rd in coal reserves and 4th and 5th in iron and bauxite reserves respectively.

With India’s economy growing handsomely in the last few years and expected to continue with the same momentum in the future, it is one of the global emerging economies. As energy, steel and aluminium are the backbone of any industrially advanced country, the mining segment, particularly coal, iron and bauxite have seen spectacular growth in the recent past and are poised to grow even more strongly.

India’s per capita consumption of energy, steel and aluminium are far less as compared to the developed economies. Consequently as the India economy grows rapidly to match to the levels of developed countries, the metals and mining sector present unprecedented opportunities.

India’s mining policy and related regulations have undergone many radical changes in the recent past and a new look comprehensive mining policy will be rolled out soon. This will make the metals and mining segment more robust and vibrant and encourage setting up of projects of global scale.

Consistent with the above trend, both indigenous and global companies are flocking to India to set up thermal power plants, steel plants and aluminium refinery and smelting plants and stand alone mining operation of global scale.

Truly, India is emerging as the global hub of steel and aluminium.

RSB Industries has extensive knowledge of the metals & mining sector in India, particularly in the areas of coal, iron & steel and aluminium. Leveraging its wide knowledge and expertise it provides world-class advisory and project management services in field of coal, bauxite and iron ore mining and steel and aluminium metal segment.

More specifically, the services offered by RSB Industries are as enumerated below:
Advisory services to conceptualize, formulate, refine and articulate the business model and facilitate the preparation of the MOU document required by various State Governments.
Consulting services to prepare feasibility study to determine the project’s viability which typically comprises market analysis, competition mapping, project cost estimation, revenue projections, assessment of returns and study of risks, legal and other regulatory issues.
Advisory services to identify, enumerate, address and close all legal and regulatory compliances required by the Central and various State Governments.
Advisory services on evaluation and selection of technology, process and equipment supplier and drafting of legally binding technology agreements.
Consulting services to evolve the financial structure of the project and tying up of PE investment.
Project management services like planning, scheduling, budgeting, executing and monitoring project implementation activities.
Construction management and supervision which includes complete onsite management of the project erection.

RSB Industries boasts of a large number of qualified professionals with expertise and skill in various domains such as market research, technology evaluation, project engineering and management, construction management, finance, legal and public relations. Supported by such domain knowledge, RSB Industries provides world class advisory and consulting services in the above areas in the metals and mining segment.