Welcome to RSB Industries

RSB Industries was launched in 2000 as the Group Holding Company to bring all the Group Companies under a common parent and in the wake of globalization, to create a unified structure for global expansion and diversification and value accretion. In the long run it also aims to be the think tank of the Group and provide centralized corporate services functions like IT, Internal Audit, Corporate Secretarial Function, Project Management Services and M&A Support Services common to all the Group Companies. By accumulating all these corporate support services functions in the Holding Company structure, it aims to attain economies of scale and thus elevate the content and quality of the services and also provide these in a more cost effective manner than what the individual Group Companies could have achieved on their own.

In other words, RSB Industries, besides being the Group Holding Company, also has the core competence in the various corporate support services and at the same time liberates the other Group Companies from the mandatory corporate functions to enable them to concentrate on their core competence without any dilution of effort, energy and focus. In addition, RSB Industries, leveraging its core competence in the various corporate support functions, will venture out to provide these services to other non-Group companies as well.

World over, increasingly organizations are moving towards core competence. We foresee that in not too distant future, organizations will focus only on what they do best and outsource the corporate support functions to others who can do these works efficiently. Realizing this, RSB Industries is preparing for this emerging business opportunity.
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