engineering services

RSB Industries aims to become one of the India’s leading engineering, procurement, construction and related technical services organizations serving selected industry sectors like mining, metal and energy – conventional and renewable.

RSB Industry aims to provide services from concept to commissioning comprising of Conceptual Studies, Development of Business Model, Feasibility Studies, Identification and Closure of Legal and Regulatory Compliances, Evaluation and Selection of Technology, Process, Equipment Suppliers and Project and Construction Management Services.

Combining with Financial Advisory Services team, RSB Industries aims to provide the entire gamut of services for New Projects – from concept to commissioning including development of financial structure and investment tie up.

More specifically the services offered by RSB Industries are as enumerated below:

Advisory services to conceptualize, formulate, refine and articulate the business model and facilitate the preparation of the MOU document required by various State Governments.
Consulting services to prepare feasibility study to determine the project’s viability which typically comprises market analysis, competition mapping, project cost estimation, revenue projections, assessment of returns and study of risks, legal and other regulatory issues.
Advisory services to identify, enumerate, address and close all legal and regulatory compliances required by the Central and various State Governments.
Advisory services on evaluation and selection of technology, process and equipment supplier and drafting of legally binding technology agreements.
Consulting services to evolve the financial structure of the project and tying up of PE investment.
Project management services like planning, scheduling, budgeting, executing and monitoring project implementation activities.
Construction management and supervision which includes complete onsite management of the project erection.

RSB Industries boasts of a large number of qualified professionals with expertise and skill in various domains such as market research, technology evaluation, project engineering and management, construction management, finance, legal and public relations. Supported by such domain knowledge, RSB Industries provides world class engineering advisory and consulting services in New Project management.

RSB Industries also provides advisory services to enhance the capacity and throughput of existing set ups by carrying out appropriate industrial engineering studies of existing process and layout, identifying constraints and suitably redesigning it with minimal capital investment. We provide this service for engineering industries that practice cellular layout structure within the overall framework of functional layout design.

We can also provide the requisite execution management services to implement our recommendations.

With this kind of redesigning exercise, existing Plants can achieve significant increase in capacity with minimal capital investment.

We have the requisite technical bandwidth to provide this service.