Energy is one of the most critical infrastructures for rapid economic development of an emerging economy like India. The per capita consumption of energy in India is about 350 KWH and this is among the lowest in the world.

For quite some years India has been the second fastest growing economy in the world and is forecasted to continue with the same trend. The industrial activity in India is humming with vigour and the power sector is witnessing unprecedented interest and growth. Many reforms and institutional changes have been brought in the energy sector and thus it has become efficient and competitive. India has no choice but to go for a quantum leap in energy sector to achieve the development potential.

Added to the above is the growing concern and interest for green energy (renewable energy) to protect our environment and support sustainable development practices. Renewable energy like hydel, solar and wind etc in years to come will gain prominence and assume equal importance with conventional thermal energy.

RSB Industries has deep knowledge and understanding of India power sector, particularly thermal, hydel and solar. We offer top quality advisory and project implementation services in energy covering thermal, hydel and solar.

More specifically, we offer the following services:
Advisory services to refine and articulate the business model and prepare the MOU document required by the State Governments.
Preparation of feasibility studies to determine the project’s viability which typically covers market analysis, competition mapping, project cost estimation, revenue projections, assessment of returns and study of risks, legal and other regulatory issues.
Advisory services to address and close all legal and regulatory compliances required by the various Government departments.
Advisory services on evaluation and selection of technology and equipment supplier.
Consulting services to evolve the financial structure of the project and tying up of PE investment.
Project management services like planning, scheduling, budgeting, executing and monitoring project implementation activities.
Construction management and supervision which includes complete onsite management of the project erection.

Backed by a large number of high quality market research, technology evaluation, project engineering, finance, legal and public relations professionals, we deliver top class services for the above array of activities to enable our clients to make a quantum leap in their business activities.